What We Do


We are story tellers.

When we are not chewing bubble gum in contests for blowing the biggest bubble———splatwe are writing stories for kids.

Whether its stories on the web, theatrical plays or outdoor walking stories, we impart the same messages (in playful and fun ways, of course) to youth of all ages:

We Help Them:

  1. Develop awareness of their surroundings.
  2. Decide whether a behavior is harmful or beneficial to the health of the planet, to the health of people.
  3. Take ACTION towards a sustainable-healthy lifestyle.

Each child responds uniquely to our storiesthe little ones might revel in the experience of being outside, by a creek. Older kids may want to take on a more active role and conserve water, reduce consumption or share their thoughts with others.

In our stories, kids are heroes because they develop their awareness into ACTION.

If our stories and projects contribute in creating a generation of kids who care and take action—we will be grateful to join the ranks of so many who have courageously started this movement.

And for all those who might follow our lead and continue the effort…it’s worth it!