KFPE Challenge List

The KFPE Challenge is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to do something about the YUCK that surrounds us.

Complete 3 activities from the challenge list and you’ll be a social media star.

Whoever completes the challenge will be recognized on the KFPE website, social media sites and are eligible to have a feature story written about them.

You’re never too old or too young to take the KFPE CHALLENGE. 



  1. Choose and complete 3 actions from the KFPE CHALLENGE LIST.
    You can also do them with friends.
  2. Choose or take a photo of something polluted, unhealthy or Yucky (see examples below) in your city—something that makes you mad and you’d like to change.
  3. Send us your photo(s) and the completed KFPE CHALLENGE form.


 Social Media Star. You'll get 2 of these 3

  1. Your photo of Yuck might be selected for the KFPE website, social media page and/or You Tube Channel. People all over the world will see your photo and might decide to stop Yucking Up the planet.
  2. Have your first name and the city where you live added to the KFPE CHALLENGE plaque. A copy of the plaque will be sent to some of the companies that Yuck Up the planet.
  3. You’ll be eligible for a feature story about you, what you did from the KFPE CHALLENGE LIST and the Yuck you found.



  1. Your first name and the city where you live will be used if we share anything about you on the web. Last names will never be used.
  2. Please check with a parent, guardian or a teacher before you begin any action on the KFPE CHALLENGE LIST and if you decide to take a photo of Yuck.
  3. Ask your parents to take the KFPE CHALLENGE, or better yet, get your whole family to do it.



Need examples of Yuck? Here are a few areas to look at.

  • Dirty Water
  • Polluted Air
  • Unhealthy Food 
  • Food with Lots of Chemicals
  • Noise Pollution
  • Trash Dumped in Random Places
  • Water Wasters
  • Energy Wasters
  • A Place Where People use Lots of Disposables






 Recycle & Fix




 For Others


 Download the KFPE Challenge List as a .pdf


ENERGY—Wasting Energy is a Yuck.

  1. NO ELECTRICITY:  For 1 night.  Convince everyone in your house to turn off the electricity and do something different at home. What did you do?   What did you like about the experience?
  2. TURN DOWN THE HEAT for winter. (USE LESS AC in the summer):  For 1 week.   In the winter, turn down the heat a few degrees and wear a sweater or use an extra blanket. In the summer, the thermostat goes up a few degrees.  This will conserve energy and save money in electrical and heating bills.
  3. PLUG THE CRACKS UNDER THE DOORS:  Plug up spaces under exterior doors where heat and AC might escape.  If cold (or hot air) gets into your house from under the door, you are wasting energy and wasting money on electrical bills.

TRANSPORTATION—Can you get around in a different way?

  1. BUSY CORNER COUNT:  2 different times, 20 minutes each time:  Stand at a busy corner and count how many cars drive by with only one person in the car.   Where is everyone going?  Could they walk? Could they carpool? Bring a piece of paper and something to write with.
  2. WALKING ERRAND:  2 times within two weeks:   Before a family member does an errand with the car, ask them if you can go with them and do a walking errand instead.   What did you see on your walk that you never saw while in a car? 
  3. TAKE A NEW RIDE:  2 separate times within a month:  Ask your parents (or go with a friend if you’re old enough) and travel without using a car, a bicycle, train, bus, subway, trolley, etc.  How is it different than riding in a car?

WATER—Save Water!

  1. CATCH SHOWER and DISH WASHING WATER:  For 1 week: When you shower and the water is warming up or when you wash dishes—catch the water in a bucket and water the plants.
  2. BRUSH TEETH, FAUCET OFF:  For 1 week:  Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.  Ask everyone in the family to do this.  You’ll save 4 gallons of water for every minute you brush.  
  3. SHOWERS INSTEAD OF BATHS:  For 1 week:  Take short showers instead of baths.  You use 70 gallons of water for a full bath and 15–20 gallons for a 5–7 minute shower.

RECYCLE & FIX—A Yuck is when everyone thinks everything is disposable. It’s not!

  1. RECYCLE CONTEST:   For 2 weeks.   Have a contest with your friends.  Who can recycle the most?   First, learn what (and where) materials can be recycled in your neighborhood. Second, sort your recycled items into containers or large boxes.  At the end of two weeks, ask someone you trust to judge.  The judge will go over to each contestant’s house and determine who has collected the most recycled materials.  Also, have the judge take a picture of each participant standing next to their pile of recycled materials. Send us the photo.
  2. FIX IT, DON’T NIX IT:  1 broken item in your house:  See if you can fix what is broken instead of throwing it away. If you need it, ask a parent, teacher or a friend for help and what tools you’ll need. The item you choose might be a jacket that needs a button, a faucet that needs a washer… you choose based on your skill level and who’s there to help.

ART—Create a piece of Art that shows what Being a Kid from Planet Earth means to you

  1. COLLAGE:  Cut out pictures and words that communicate what a KID FROM PLANET EARTH means to you.  Cut out the photos and words from old magazines and newspapers. Take a picture of your collage and post it, send it to your friends, and to us.  
  2. TRASH ART:   Gather items headed for the trash and create a piece of art.   Give it to a parent or teacher and tell them about it. Share a photo of it.
  3. NATURE FIGURE:  Gather nature objects (leaves, sticks, rocks, grass etc.) and create a power animal or person. Share a photo of it.

REUSE—Say it again, REUSE—Say it again, REUSE—Say it…

  1. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE:  For 1 month:   Use a reusable water bottle.  Stop buying/using plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are used once, thrown away and take a long time to decompose. Can you stick with this new habit?
  2. CLOTH BAGS ARE NO HAG:  For 1 month:  Have your parents choose reusable cloth bags (No paper, No plastic) when they shop.   Bonus:  Do you know someone who can sew bags from old tee shirts?   What about finding cloth bags from a thrift store?
  3. TO-GO CONTAINERS:  For 1 month:  Use your own TOGO container.  Place a reusable, sealable container in the trunk of your parent’s car.  Have at least one container for each member of your family.   Most restaurants use Styrofoam for their TO-GO containers.  Styrofoam is mostly used once, thrown away, takes hundreds of years to decompose and often ends up coating the surface of the ocean.   BONUS:  Place a set of reusable utensils (spoon, fork, and knife) in the containers and use them instead of plastic ware.
  4. PAPER TOWELS, NO WAY:  For 1 month:  Stop using/ buying paper towels.  Use a reusable cloth dish towel instead.
  5. LIBRARY HEAVEN:  For 1 month:  Instead of buying new books or DVD’s, go to the library and check them out.  Most people buy a book, DVD or video game, use it a couple times and then it sits on the shelf collecting dust. The library shares its stuff with thousands of people in your community. 
  6. CLOTHES PARTY:  1 time:  Create a clothes swapping party with friends and friends of friends.  Sometimes we get tired of the same old thing—and instead of buying new—swap the old for something else.

TRASH—Yuck!! The Earth is not a Trash Can!

  1. TRASH WALK:   2 times in 2 weeks.  Take a 20 minute walk and pick up at least 20 pieces of trash.  Carry two reusable bags or boxes: one for recycled materials, the other for trash.  Then take the same walk 1 week later.  Is there more trash?  Can you find another 20+ pieces of trash?  Where does all the trash come from?  
  2. PACKAGING FOR THE TRASH:  For 2 weeks:  Look at what you bring home from the store.  How is it packaged?  Is there a lot of packaging material or a little?  Does your cereal come in tiny individual containers or in one large container?   Talk to your parents about choosing brands that use less packaging.  If you have a favorite brandand the brand uses too much packagingsend them a letter:  “I like your brand, but please use less packaging.”

FOR OTHERS—Kids from Planet Earth unite!

  1. GET 2:  Convince 2 people (friends, family, neighbors) to take the KFPE Challenge.  One way to do this is to take a photo of a challenge you did, and send it out via social media.   
  2. HELP ANOTHER:  2 times within a month.  Knock on an elderly neighbor’s door and ask if you can help them around the house.  Perhaps rake their leaves, recycle some old items, help them prepare a meal.

MIXED—Yes, there are more!

  1. A LIST OF 20:  Make a list of 20 things you’ve used once and then thrown away. Can you do without some of these disposables?
  2. BORROW INSTEAD OF BUY:  Do this 2x.  You want something badly.  You have to have it.   Instead of buying new, see if you can borrow it from a friend. Make a deal that they can borrow something of yours whenever they want. Does everyone have to own everything?  We can share, cut down trash and save money.
  3. COMMERCIALS ON TV:  For 2 weeks.  For the first week, write down how many commercials you watch.   That’s how many times someone is trying to sell you something. For the second week, turn down the volume each time a commercial appears and watch it without sound.  Seems kind of ridiculous to give people so much of our time to sell us stuff, huh?
  4. BONUS ITEM:  Think of something you’d like us to add to the action list.  Do the action and then let us know about it. If we love it, we’ll add it.

 I Completed the KFPE Challenge

REMEMBER:  After you complete 3 actions/challenges, fill out the I COMPLETED THE KFPE CHALLENGE form and hit the submit button.